How To Select a Home Stager

You understand that your home will sell faster and for more money if it is professionally staged. Now what? It’s time to select a home stager! This blog introduces you to typical services offered by home stagers. You will have confidence in knowing what questions to ask and what to consider when you connect with a stager who focuses on mutual partnerships with you and your realtor. With everyone on the same page, your home will sell fast and for more money.

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Why Your Home Isn't Selling

After all that work to prepare your home for listing, there is finally a sign in the yard. You are proud of your accomplishment and feel certain your home will sell quickly. After all, the house across the street listed the week before yours and they already have an offer! Three months later, the new owners are moved in across the street and meanwhile, your house hasn’t sold. This post teaches you how to evaluate the effectiveness your staging. Surveys through the National Association of Realtors confirm again and again that staging reduces the time your home is on the market.

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Benefits of Staging Your Home for Sale

Home staging is a common term that has been around for a while. This doesn’t mean people understand what it means to stage a home for sale or how staging works. Learn what it means to stage your home and the benefits of staging. You will see how staging draws buyers and sells homes faster.

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Ready for Showing in 15 minutes - Top 5 Checklist

Congratulations! Your staged home is officially on the market and the listing photographs are absolutely gorgeous! You can’t help but wonder if your family is prepared to live every day in this space and keep it ready to show at the same time. This post includes a checklist that prepares you to vacate your home confidently leaving it ready-to-show with as little as 15-minutes notice.

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Odor Free Pet Home For Sale

This post includes several tips to make sure your home for sale smells as nice as it looks. Learn how to keep your pet home odor free. If visitors or potential home buyers consider pet smells and hair as much a part of the home as the front door, read on for help!

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