Congratulations! Your staged home is officially on the market and the listing photographs are absolutely gorgeous! You can’t help but wonder if your family is prepared to live every day in this space and keep it ready to show at the same time. This post includes a checklist that prepares you to vacate your home confidently leaving it ready-to-show with as little as 15-minutes notice.

Ready for Showing in 15 minutes - Top 5 checklist

Your home is professionally staged to sell quickly. You’re glad you trusted the stager and followed her advice because the listing photographs are absolutely gorgeous! It’s like real estate rush hour since the listing went live.

Learn how to be ready to show with no more than 15 minutes notice. This post gives you a 5 -step checklist to give you confidence and avoid some of the stress .

Selling a Home Can Be Stressful

Everything about selling a home can be stressful. Sometimes it seems like everything that can go wrong does go wrong. For example, it’s a typical morning at your house. Although the weather forecast said today would be clear, it’s raining cats and dogs. Of course it is, right?

As you follow mud paw prints through the house, you sarcastically thank Mother Nature. A loud rumble of thunder startles you out of your nasty inner dialog. You whisper an apology to Mother Nature as you approach the bathroom.

After back-to-back showers, the room resembles a tropical rain forest. Wet towels litter the floor. The hair dryer is hanging over the sink and moving back and forth like a trapeze. Beds aren’t made, clothes are strewn, and this only the beginning.

Just last night, the house was good to go. There were no drink cups, remnants of homework, blankets, jackets, and shoes laying about to distract potential buyers. Just then, the phone rings. Yup. You think about not answering, but you must. Fade to dark.

Wait, what? Not today!

Top 5 Checklist - Show Your Home

Learn how to ensure potential buyers will focus on their family living in your home. Buyers are easily distracted by your family’s history instead of theirs when they see family photographs, themed collectables, and other personal indicators in your home. This checklist tells you how to show in as little as 15 minutes after you receive notification.

  • Remove clutter—mail, slippers, empty water bottles, jackets, and other everyday items pile up fast. Toss it all in a $2 Walmart laundry basket. As you walk, grab clutter items and throw them in the basket.
  • Dry the bathroom—after a shower, the bathroom is damp for up to an hour. No worries. Make it a part of everyone’s shower routine to use their towel to dry the shower before stepping out. Next, wipe the sink, cabinets, and fixtures. Be sure to wipe the floor, too. Grab toiletries on the way out and take the towel straight to the washing machine. Potential buyers should see the bathroom, but not your personal products. Store toiletries out of site. We love the $11 Grey Wash Chipwood Baskets from At Home because you can take them into the bathroom, use the toiletries straight out of the baskets, then store it all out of site.
  • Let there be lights—your stager taught you that lighting is critical. This means your windows are always clean. Make sure lamps and light fixtures all have working bulbs. We highly recommend GE relax LED bulbs you can find at Target. The warm ambient light is flattering. Turn on all lights and open all window treatments to let in natural light.
  • Vacuum rugs and carpets—Turn on lights and open window coverings first. Then starting in the corner of the room farthest from the door, vacuum the room to remove dirt and footprints.
  • Back out of the house—with your handy laundry basket in hand, back out of the house grabbing anything you may have missed. Quickly check out the front of the house from the curb to make sure there are no toys, newspapers, or pet waste. Put your laundry basket in the car and off you go!